Endless, Entire Reviewed in Hyperallergic

December 11, 2015

Wheatstone Bridge 7a

Wheatstone Bridge 7a, cotton/polyester thread and polyester film, 10 x 10 inches, 2015

Muddying the Circumscribed Myth of Abstraction
by Alexis Clements

“Daniel G. Hill’s ‘Wheatstone Bridge 7[a]’ (2015) at first seems to describe a simple layering of one form on the other, but soon you see not only the transparent sheets of vellum but also the thread through the surface that created the shapes. For me this realization came at the end, with the loose ends of the knot tying off the string — the artist’s hand in an otherwise pristine, almost manufactured work. It reminded me of all the times my colleagues at my day job have seemed to believe that the things that appear on the internet or in emails do so automatically, without ever being placed by a human hand, crafted each time down to the character.”

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