Intercontinental Line @ Galerie Abstract Project

May 10, 2017

© Daniel G. HillAn international exhibition of artists from Europe and North America taking place at Galerie Abstract Project in Paris, 11–20 May, 2017.

5, rue des Immeubles Industriels, 75011, Paris (metro Nation)
vernissage: mercredi 10 mai de 18h à 21h
ourvert du mercredi au samedi de 14h à 19h
finissage: samedi 20 mai de 16h à 19h

Exhibiting Artists:
Delnau (FR), Emily Berger (US), Yifat Gat (IL), Daniel G. Hill (US), Creighton Michael (US),  Munira Naqui (US), Shawn Stipling (UK), Bogumila Strojna (FR/PL), Anna Szprynger (PL), Tenesh Webber (CA)

curated by B. Strojna and D. Hill

At a time when exchanges are frequent and distances and differences are abolished or, on the contrary, tend to be exacerbated, I wanted to organize an exhibition bringing together artists from all over the world.

This exhibition is the first in a series in which European artists will exhibit with artists from different continents. Each time, as co-curator of the exhibition, I will work with an artist of the corresponding continent. The first edition of Intercontinental Line presents the work of artists from Europe and North America and has been developed and realized in collaboration with New York artist Daniel G. Hill.

As a creative support and graphic element present in each field of plastic creation, line has been chosen to serve as a common denominator. Though initially associated with drawing, its use is currently available in all fields of the plastic arts—painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation—crossing all currents of abstract art. Our choice of works tends to show that.

The purpose of this exhibition is to question the use of line—in its differences and similarities—according to the continents, with their cultural, geopolitical, and historical specificities. Because we ask this question, the subtitle of the exhibition is reflection in progress. The answer may or may not be given and only at the end of the series of Intercontinental Line exhibitions.

B. Strojna
English translation by D. Hill

Bridging the Distance

Daniel G. Hill, Bridging the Distance
polyester cord, PVC rod, and stainless steel (cordon de polyester, tige de PVC et acier inoxydable)
104 x 250 x 60 cm

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