Beyond the Surface: Constructing Destruction

Installation View of Constructing Descruction, January 2024

Installation View of Constructing Destruction, January 2024

Westbeth Gallery
55 Bethune Street
New York, NY. 10014

5–25 January, 2024

Featured artists:
Gail Biederman, Lily de Bont, Daniel G. Hill, Kathleen Kucka, Steven Millar, Gelah Penn, David Rhodes, Mary Schiliro, Howard Schwartzberg, Jan Maarten Voskuil

Curator: Vida Geranmayeh
Curatorial Consultant: Daniel G. Hill

Beyond the Surface: Constructing Destruction navigates the nuanced space between creation and disruption, with a focus on transformative techniques and the integral role of materials in the creative process. The exhibition re-contextualizes the traditional mediums of painting and sculpture, as each artist explores the dynamic interplay of contrasting transformations. In an era marked by global challenges, the exhibition positions art as a platform for dialogue and positive change. It confronts self-censorship, extends the reach of artistic expression, and encourages viewers to investigate uncharted territories. By reexamining the familiar, these artists discover new paths within established genres, inspiring viewers to question and reconsider prevailing artistic notions. The exhibition underscores the importance of mastery of craft in achieving innovation, often leading to an expansion of artistic boundaries.

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