Raisonnement Circulaire

ParisCONCRET is pleased to present Raisonnement circulaire (Circular Reasoning) curated by Daniel G. Hill. The exhibition includes contemporary paintings, sculptures and drawings by a group of international artists who explore a wide range of approaches to the circular or radial form. The artists include Richard van der Aa (New Zealand/France), Paul Corio (USA), Nathalie Delasalle (Italy/France), Iemke van Dijk (Netherlands), Julie Gross (Canada/USA), David Henderson (USA), Mary Judge (USA), Marlene Sarroff (Australia), Mary Schiliro (USA) and Cathrine Winsnes(Norway/France).

Press release in english and french:

Press kit with images:
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5 rue des Immeubles Industriels, 75011 PARIS
Metro: Nation
16 June – 7 July, 2012
Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 2 to 6 pm.

Installation Shots and Individual Works

Raisonnement Circulaire @ ParisCONCRET—June 2012 | 2012 | Curate